Keep Calm and Breathe: Tips to Conquer Covid-19

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Everyone is stressed out. That was true even before this #covid19 scare. Now it seems that logic has flown right out of the nearest window. I never really thought about that saying before, but now that I do… anything going out of a window is a dangerous thing. Even on a first floor, the fall will be painful.
Anything higher and it could be deadly. Are we willing to allow our logic to die at the hands of a germ??

Before you run out and try to restock your already well beyond reasonable store of alcohol, disinfectant wipes, antibacterial, toilet tissue and kitty litter (someone please explain to me why that was one of the top 5 things to fly off grocery shelves!), take a minute and stop. Seriously, just stop. Pause right where you are. Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings: the fear, the anger, the anxiety, the helplessness, the hopelessness, the sensation of being overwhelmed. Feel it all. And then breathe it out.

Breathe, Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

Now, try it again. Breathe in and while breathing in, breathe in the honest feelings about everything happening. Then as you breathe out, allow it all to roll into the air and away from you.

Ha… there, it’s happening. The opening… do it again… breathe in. Allow all of those feelings to be there, real and full. Hold them in. Just a few more beats, hold them…. Now breathe it all out, steady all the way. Empty your tummy until there is nothing left, no air, no feelings. Now repeat.

Last time. Breathe in deeply, steadily until you cannot breathe in any more. Now hold it in, 1…2…3…4…. okay, steadily let it all out.

How do you feel now?

A bit better?

So the world didn’t change, but something inside of you did. You gave your body the one thing it needs more than anything else. Oxygen, breath. In excitement, anxiety and anticipation, we tend to hold our breaths. That is a mistake. Instead of trying to hold everything out, take deep breaths in and out, continue to repeat. You will give your brain what it needs to stay calm and in your logical mind–no matter what is going on.

We can do this. We are used to struggle and obstacles. These may look different, but breathing together (3 to 6 feet apart), we can get through this. Just Breathe.

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