Introducing DeVoray Wigfall!

DeVoray Wigfall
We would like to welcome our newest member to the KEMPS family! We will allow her to introduce herself…

Hi, My name is DeVoray Wigfall! I am an ambitious and enthusiastic Zoomer, born and raised in the beautiful state of New York. A philosophy I live by and always try to incorporate into my work is don’t just learn, experience. A rising sophomore at Purchase College, I chose to major in political science and history, because I am passionate about transitioning into a lifetime of providing a voice to those who have been historically unheard—using my voice to speak out against injustices and creating policies that bring lasting change.

Politics is all about people: How can I help my community? What laws can I change or bring to vote to help my community thrive? Volunteering can build powerful relations, making valuable impact on the people in my community and getting my community in board with these ideas. Volunteering had a personal impact on not only me but my family, it showed me new and healthy ways to serve my community without expecting anything in return. My involvement in volunteering started at an early age. My mother signed me up for various projects, such as the Million Trees NYC, encouraging me to give back selflessly to my community.

During my senior year, I served as President of the Bronx Collaborative High School student government and in the NYC Service Youth Leadership Council. In the upcoming semester, after a rigorous interview vetted by faculty, I have been selected for the position of Vice President of the Purchase College Activities Board. Taking on these roles has developed my leadership skills, while also giving me insight into the person I want to be. I am learning what it takes to be a civic leader and an advocate for change in New York City.

Usually, during the summer, you can catch me teaching—archery to amazing young women at The Summer Camp for girls in Washington, Maine. . I am excited to join the KEMPS Consulting family as an Intern focusing on social media outreach. I chose to intern at KEMPS Consulting this summer because I wanted to develop my communication skills, confidence and creativity. As a future policy maker, communication, confidence and creativity are key. These are the reasons why people vote you into office. I am a proud Harry Potter fan who watches every television marathon. Burritos are always my go-to; I can eat a steak burrito any day of the week!

See my change! Vote for Wigfall 2040.

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