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The Editor's Pen

KEMPS Consulting offers a full range of editorial development services to accommodate many communications needs, both personal and professional. KEMPS will prepare and polish documents for business administration, marketing and publicity, personal correspondence, events and conferences, websites and social media, and more.

Authors please visit our Author Solutions page, for all publishing services.



The last pass of the final manuscript draft, ensuring absence of typos (spelling, punctuation errors)

  • 1.4¢ per word
  • $3.50 per page*
  • $35 per hour

Copy Editing

Correction of errors in syntax, grammar, and spelling, as well as reading for sense and completeness

  • 2¢ per word
  • $5.00 per page*
  • $45 per hour

Developmental Editing

Holistic evaluation of structure, content, tone, style, character and plot development, and narrative flow.

  • 5¢ per word
  • $12.50 per page*
  • $60 per hour


Content Writing

Content writing involves creating and sharing valuable free content. It is often used to educate your audience about products, services or events. This is a fact driven writing process, concerned with providing information.

  • $0.15 – $0.50 per word
  • $50 per hour

Copy Writing

Copy writing is a branding process, creating high-value, compelling copy that entices the reader to (immediately) act. Copy writing gets a reader to take a specific action. Making a purchase, subscribing to an email list, etc.

  • $0.30 – $1.00 per word
  • $60 per hour


Blogging is a specific type of content writing that requires frequency and consistency to develop an audience. We can provide SEO posts that connect with your desired reader and promotes sticky engagement.

  • $75, 300 words
  • $150, 500 words
  • $350, 1000 words
  • $600, 1500 words


The minimum project fee  is $20.

*Please note 250 words is the standard page in the publishing industry.

All prices and rates are consistent with the Editorial Freelance Association and are determined by complexity of subject matter and level of editing needed.

Unless specifically requested to destroy, all projects are permanently archived by KEMPS Consulting for client convenience. There is a $20 recovery fee for all project documents 30 days and older.

For more information, please contact us.