Manuscript Reviews

Professional Manuscript Review & Evaluation

If you have already written your book and are seeking to publish, we recommend that your first step be a manuscript review or an evaluation. Many authors write in the vacuum of their own thoughts; that can lead to content tunnel vision that prevents you from seeing the forest for the trees. Offering high-level advice on clarity, consistency, plot and character development, a manuscript review or evaluation will give you answers to these questions and concerns like:

  • Is my book finished?
  • Are all of my characters developed?
  • Does my story make sense?
  • Is my book saleable?
  • What level of editing is needed to ensure my manuscript is top quality?
  • I know something is off, but I’m not sure what…
  • and more.

The level of commentary returned, depends on the indications of your manuscript. A review provides an overview critique of your manuscript, while an evaluation offers in-depth, page by page commentary. Both discuss the use and structure of language, character development, narrative pacing, logical progression, tone and voice consistency. Assessments include a 1 to 5 page memo of written feedback concerning general observations of plot, narrative flow, readability and marketability; and include an up-to-60-minute follow-up call, where desired.

Manuscript Review: $3 per 250 words*

Manuscript Evaluation: $6 per 250 words*


*Please note: 250 words is considered one manuscript page in the publishing industry.