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Book Talk: MRS by Noa Grey

MRS by Noa GreyTGIF, book lovers! Our page turner for this weekend is the LGBTQIA Romance MRS by Noa Grey.

The Blurb

Dear Hope: When my daughter died, my husband of thirty years found solace in religion—and possibly another woman. Help.

Dear Hope: I got fired today and the man that I’ve been sleeping with left me for his ex-wife. Again. Now I’m a grown woman who lives at home. Help.

Dear Hope: My ex-husband embezzled all of our money and is now rotting in jail. I clawed my way into the life I wanted and now I’m about to lose everything. Help.Mims, Rory, and Sarah need answers. But beloved Hope Jackson, the world famous love-sex-life columnist, is gone. What will women do without Hope?

Noa Grey’s debut novel MRS follows the intertwined lives of three women whose stories will have you laughing, crying, and wanting more.


There was something about the cover of this book that snagged my attention right away. It was that moment when I realized, those parts don’t go together. Then I read the blurb for MRS by Noa Grey, and I thought, hmmm, interesting… well, maybe... I thought the play on the main characters’ names was clever. But I still wasn’t sure if it was going to be an interesting read. I was curious enough to make it to the second page, and then it clicked. What do you do when your most trusted counselor, mentor, in-your-head friend dies and leaves you to make out in the world on your own? The women of the world are set adrift when this major Oprah meets Dear Abby advice empress dies.

Mims, Rory and Sarah are all battling to become the best MRSs they can be in their own ways. Two already married and one on the husband hunt, these women share one thing in common. They aren’t really trying to be MRSs at all–they are trying to remember how to be themselves. And that’s where Hope, the beloved self-help guru, comes in. Although we are introduced to this character through others’ memories and impressions of her–or rather her advice–Hope is the personification of that thing Mims, Rory and Sarah are all really looking for–hope. In a way each one has lost hope in herself. For Mims it’s hope to make it past her deceased daughter’s death; for Rory it’s hope in her own creative abilities; and for Sarah it’s hope in her own sense of direction. These women have lost their way, and the symptoms of their true ailment manifests in their interactions with men. MRS by Noa Grey isn’t your typical romance.

I love this book. I love how it complicates–or recognizes the complexities of–the concept of being a MRS. There is a beautiful tension between how one experiences oneself as an individual versus as a partner with someone else versus as a member of a community. Noa Grey writes wonderfully complex, developing characters, who are allowed room to mess up and to grow and to learn. I am appreciative of her efforts toward diversity; it makes her landscape richer and her narrative deeper. There is little static or formulaic about this book. And just a heads up, if you’re looking for a totally neat ending with a bow on top, Grey does not provide. But she does leave you with satisfaction that Hope is still in the mix even after death. This is a definite must-read page turner.

What will you be reading this weekend?

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