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A Few Words from Our Clients

Editorial Development Feedback

Kate is FANTASTIC. Listen, by no means am I the next Mark Twain or Ernest Hemingway (and I’m ok with that since we should be able to recognize our abilities but always strive to reach our full potential) but we all have a voice. And Kate will help you propel your voice to the next level in a way any audience can enjoy. Her professionalism, experience, expertise is of course a given bonus. But who she is as not only an editor/proofreader/coach but who she is a human being is what differentiates her from others. She will take the time to find out what you really want to say, and advise you on how to say it and even understand WHY you should say it. She worked wonders with me and my work, and I am proud of the end result. Thank you Kate. ~Moises C., 10/17

Kate Stephenson is a genuinely kind person in an unkind world. She is a person of fine integrity and often goes beyond what is asked of her if she believes it will help her client. Anyone in need of a professional writer would be foolish not to call and make an appointment with her. ~Richard W., 6/17

I am absolutely certain that I would not have finished my master’s thesis without Kate’s help. She was an essential ally and really coached me as well as helping with the paper itself. She’s the best–calm, reassuring, consistent, and thorough. (And a great editor and writer to boot!) I’d say that any day of the week. ~Alexander J., 5/17

I was impressed with Kate from the moment our conversations began. She approached this project with enthusiasm and drive. She completed it timely. She provided content analysis along with proofreading. She even went out of her way to investigate alternate options if something she read required improvement topically. I would definitely recommend her and her work to authors looking to get their book edited. ~Paula W., 10/12

We found Ms. Stephenson to be incredibly thorough and professional. She was a pleasure to work with. ~Rebecca C., Hudson Valley Magazine, 9/12

Thanks to Kate’s keen editorial guidance, my thesis garnered high praise for its professionalism and won the department’s highest graduate award!” –Victoria S., 8/10

Thanks, Kate! Your comments were great. Thanks for catching all of the errors! –Kelly L., 8/10

Lightning fast! Thanks so much for your great work on this project. –K.L,. 2/08

Resume/Career Coaching Feedback

Kate turns resume writing into an art form. Through a single conversation of incisive questions and empathic listening, Kate was able to reshape my resume into the story of my passions and professions. Her attention to detail is as discerning as any storyteller. I am so grateful for my time with Kate. KEMPS Consulting is a gift. ~ Cate Y., 02/18

Kate is the reason why I was able to move into a better position in nursing. She did an excellent job reworking my resume. My best friend sent my resume to her without me knowing as a Christmas gift. The best gift ever. I referred Kate to another friend. Her son was “stuck”. Kate turned my friends son resume and cover letter around. He is gainfully employed and happy. Thank you KATE!!!!!! ~Laura M., 7/17

Kate is easy and fun to work with. She has an intuitive approach to her work. She is a good listener. I interviewed 6 writers (1 in Canada, 5 in the US) before talking with Kate. I decided to go with Kate for 3 reasons: 1- her high-quality of work is worth more than its cost. 2 – she leaves nothing on the table, she is going to write it out and in a timely manner; without delay. 3 – her interview for my bio write-up was so thoughtful. Meaning, at one point I said to Kate, “I was hoping you were going to ask me about that.” I’ve included a picture of my bio. The best part about working with Kate on my bio is that she aspires to capture your story and her writing technique is so good that whatever your story her writing adapts. Just know, if you work with Kate she is going to nail it! ~Erica G., 5/17

Very pleased with Ms. Stephenson’s work. She edited my resume and personal statement for a upcoming graduate school application and beautifully crafted each document. Thanks to Kate, I feel very confident in submitting my application! ~Cathy T., 9/12

I was really impressed with the time it took Miss Stephenson to compose my resume. She is very intelligent and knows her stuff. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services. ~Julius H., 9/12

Kate is a true professional. We have used her several times for resumes and cover letters and she does a fantastic job. They have all been well written and she has a quick turn around time. Her prices are extremely reasonable as well. She is wonderful to work with each and every time. I highly recommend Kate. ~Cheryl P., 9/12

Hi Five 🙂  Im so excited. I think its Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I can land the right job now. Thanks Again for all your help !!!!!!!! –Besa A., 12/11

Fulltime Work with Your Resume! Yes, I am so proud to tell the world about your service. It really works. –Migdalia A., 8/11

Thank you very much. We are excited to send this to hiring employers and will keep you posted on the progress. I have also recommended your services to other friends who are also in need of your services. Thanks again! –Cheryl P., 2/11

“Kate’s attention to detail, experience, and knowledge were evident as she assisted me in polishing my resume. Her suggestions helped me to restructure in a more fluid manner, reword trouble spots, and organize my resume for maximum impact. About two weeks after distributing my updated resume I finally found a job. I am confident that Kate’s services played a critical role in helping me find the job I have today.” –Peter N., 7/10

Awesome. Stupendous. Phenomenal. Perfect. It’s not just that it looks good as much as it “feels” absolutely right. I know when something is right when I feel it in my gut. You managed to capture not only my worth but also a bit of the actual me in this. It’s the best resume I’ve ever had and it’s like, your skill matched my history. –T.C., 4/09

Multi-Services Feedback

I have worked with Kate on many projects which includes resume review to academic writings. My experience with Kate has been superb with regards to her attention to detail, professionalism and quality of work. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone who needs any type of writing and editing services. ~Moe S., 9/12

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