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The Mighty Pen’s mission is to provide encouragement, sympathy and support for writers of all kinds. Writing and grammar tips, author promotion and education, inspiration and motivation–we put the mighty pen to use to foster the artistry and vitality of the written word across all media.

We welcome you to submit guest blog posts, as well as book, interview and topic suggestions. In addition, we are always interested in book reviewers and word enthusiasts who would like to write for The Mighty Pen.

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The Mighty Pen has three organized categories:

  • Food for Thought‘s mission is to inspire and motivate no matter where you are in your process
  • The Red Pen explores the use and misuse of the English language and other foibles of the mechanics of writing & publishing
  • Lexiboost provides your vocabulary vitamin for the day, a cross-over category that explores all manner of communication through a word-of-the-day format

The Mighty Pen welcomes writing contributions for all categories. The tone of The Mighty Pen is informative with a sense of humor and sass. We welcome wit, sarcasm, and even a bit of snark, to provide levity to dense topics. We believe that with the right communication just about anything can be fun.

Submit to The Might Pen

We also welcome suggestions for new books to review, old classics to revisit, favorite authors to interview, and new topics to address on the site concerning book publishing, and English vocabulary.

The editor seeks out book titles that are a little left of center, quirky writing and courageous writers who speak their souls in unexpected and indelible ways that leave the reader changed.

To write for or submit to The Mighty Pen, please contact us!

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