The ever fearful semicolon


We here at KEMPS Consulting hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season, filled with fabulous food, festivities, friends, and family! A wee bit of alliteration; sorry, we’re English language paramours (read: nerds) and we just can’t help ourselves.

This coming new year brings about a fresh start for our company. We are extremely excited to share with you our new website and blog. Our website will be¬†updated regularly with new information and service announcements and the Z-lexiBlog will be devoted to our reflections on language in the 21st Century. As we find language, its history, variations, uses, misuses, and abuses utterly fascinating, you can be sure that we’ll keep it lively.

Beginning in that vein, we ran across this particular website some time ago and found its explanation of the dreaded semicolon to be wonderfully accurate, accessible, and hilarious. If you were ever afraid of using the semicolon for fear of failure, or are tired of friends and colleagues tauntingly lording their knowledge of the semicolon over you, please read on:

The Oatmeal’s How to Use a Semicolon

Until next time…

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