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Would you like to find a new job where you feel appreciated?

Would you like to find the path to your dream job?

Do you want a position that fulfills you?

Life is hard. We aren’t supposed to say that, but it’s the truth. Especially when it comes to the workplace and the job market. Anyone who has lived long enough can tell you that times have changed. The days of staying in one job from school graduation to age 55 retirement are almost a thing of the past. The recent recession has also underscored that old saying the only thing constant is change.

All of this sounds like negative news, but it isn’t. There is more opportunity out there today than ever before. And it knocks on your door every day. You just have to know what to listen for. KEMPS Consulting can help you hear those knocks and evaluate your options to find the best career path for you.

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Career Coaching

Unsure about the next move to make on your career path? Not quite sure what you bring to the professional table? Apprehensive about the job market and how to position your skills? These issues and many more can be addressed in a few one-on-one sessions.

The primary aim of career coaching is to help you identify the road blocks between you and your desired path, then create a plan of attack to go over, under, around or demolish those barriers. Together we can help you gain clarity on the companies, industries and jobs to target; course correct your job search to figure out why you may be stuck and how to make progress; and identify and breakdown the issue that is holding you back from a fulfilling professional life.

Résumés & CVs

While you have to prove your salt once you get the interview, a polished résumé can help get your foot through the door. KEMPS full resume services are designed to get you noticed.

  • This is not a résumé farm—no drones churning out carbon copy résumés.
  • We do not use templates or boiler plates; there is no one-size-fits-all.
  • You receive one-on-one, custom, prioritized service.

We work with you to create a one-of-a-kind résumé that passes SEO filters and impresses human eyes. Your résumé will uniquely brand you and identify your skills.
Successful experience includes:

  • Military and Federal
  • Management and Executive
  • Entry-level
  • Academic, as well as
  • Transitional, including military to civilian, academic to private sector, government to private sector,  as well as “Second Life” jobs.

See examples of Before/After resume projects:

Cover Letters

Some feel that a cover letter isn’t important, but it is.

The cover letter is the first criteria by which a candidate is judged. It’s your first impression. The cover letter should contain all pertinent, requested information, as well as reflect how your skills will be beneficial to the potential employer. It is your opportunity to present your brand and introduce yourself. Like all first impressions, this one counts. Make the most of it, by ensuring yours has professional impact.

Professional Bios

Who are you and why do we care? It’s a harsh question but it’s what people want to know before they give you a job, project or their time. A professional bio is the perfect way to provide a clear, concise answer. Highlighting your personality, achievements, and professional brand, a bio tells your story the way you want it heard. They range in length from one sentence to over 1,000 words, but the primary purpose is the same–to tell people exactly what you are about and get them excited about knowing you.


Interview Prep

Interviews can be intimidating, especially when you aren’t prepared. Mock interviews can give you greater clarity regarding how to market your talents and skill set, how to elaborate on your qualifications and proficiencies, and how to pitch your career goals and objectives. Together we will discover your professional brand and package it to help HR understand why you are the best candidate.

Follow-Up Thank You

A follow-up thank you is a polite reminder of your perfect candidacy and a great way to demonstrate your communication skills. Don’t skimp here, let them know that you are interested, eager and professional. Remind them why your resume should remain at the top of the pile.

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