Thought for the Day: Not Every Day is a Good Day

not every day is a good dayToday’s thought for the day is really simple: Not every day is a good day. AND that’s okay.

I haven’t been writing much in 2017. I’ve had a string of not so good days. But what I realized this morning, as I started my yearly review of my website, is that it’s okay. Everyone goes through various periods of hardship. Sometimes it’s just a bad hair day. Sometimes it’s the project from hell. Sometimes it’s a hurdle in a relationship. Sometimes your muse has left you. For me it’s been a death, closely followed by the end of a long-term relationship.

Life has these little ways of reminding you that this is no fairy tale. There is no such thing as a now and forever “happily ever after.” AND that’s okay. It’s the moments of hell that allow you to recognize those glimpses of heaven. Besides–you’ve seen me write this before–even crap has its uses. I heard yesterday (while binge watching season one of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce) something I thought was funny: “Happy is a moving target.” It’s so apropos. Some days you hit the target, some days the target hits you, some days you can’t even see the target.

So, today isn’t a very good day. So what!

One thing you know for sure. This day will end and tomorrow will begin. Your only job is to make the most of today, whatever it brings. If the most is sitting on the couch in fetal position while downing a pint of B&J’s Half Baked, well hey–it might be a good day after all.

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