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New Book! A Sports Illustrated Strategy for Success by William Christopher Harris

New Book Release: A Sports Illustrated Strategy for Success
by William Christopher Harris

 A Sports Illustrated Strategy for Success by William Christopher Harris

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

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A Sports Illustrated Strategy for Success: A Christian Perspective gives you the tools and motivation to get off the spectator stand and into the game of life. These strategies help you claim a position of expectation, living life on purpose and fulfilling your God-given destiny. Through practical advice supported by the real-life experiences of Biblical figures and modern day Sports icons, William Christopher Harris gives you the core principles for positive, long-term thinking and behavior needed to reap ongoing and everlasting success. And it’s easier than you think. Success is a matter of three things: planning, practice, and purpose. And with a single word all of the victory can be yours.

About the Author

Elder William “Chris” Harris is the pastor of Brown’s Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, Alton, Illinois (St. Louis metro area) and founder of Life Empowerment Outreach (LEO) Ministries. Harris is passionate about ministry and the Word of God, living out loud a rigorous and relevant relationship with Jesus Christ. As a progressive minister, Harris gives traditional teachings twenty-first century relevance, delivering a message Empowered to Impact! Pastor Chris is supported by his loving wife Lady Jocelyn Harris and two wonderful children William C. Harris II and Ava. J. Harris.

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