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Editing & Publishing Consulting

Let readers focus on the information instead of the errors.

I offer a full range of editing services to accommodate many needs. Below is a brief explanation of each level of editing. Publishers descriptions are unique to book publishing and may not apply to every situation.

Comprehensive Editorial Services
Last pass of final manuscript draft, ensuring absence of typos (spelling, punctuation errors)
Copy Editing
(Also known as Mechanical Editing) Correction of errors in syntax, grammar, and spelling, as well as reading for sense and completeness
Developmental/Substantive Editing
(May also be called Line Editing) Holistic evaluation and clarification of the text’s structure, content, tone, style, character and plot development, and narrative flow. May work with author from initial concept through entire writing process or from a draft stage.
Manuscript Review and Evaluation
For writers who aren’t on their final draft and know you have some work ahead of you, but you need some direction, I offer manuscript review. I read the manuscript and offer high-level advice on clarity, consistency, plot and character development. The level of commentary returned, depends on your needs as described below.Manuscript Review: Basic manuscript review includes written feedback concerning general observations of characterization, plot, narrative flow, tone/voice, and readability. (1-3 page memo returned)

Intensive Manuscript Evaluation: Manuscript evaluations offer in-depth, page by page written notes discussing the use and structure of language, character development, narrative pacing, logical progression, tone and voice consistency, and marketability. (6+ page memo returned)

One-on-One Writing Workshops
Many have a desire to write, but do not have the formal training or natural instincts. Fortunately, writing skills can be learned and an author voice/brand created with the right instruction. My in-depth, one-on-one workshops will assist you in your journey to authorship, whether your goal is to be a published writer or to excel in academic scholarship. This may include but is not limited to:* writing basics: elements of a story, language and devices, etc.* narrative development* grammar and syntax improvement* tone and voice development* self-editing tricks and tips
Book Project Consulting
I offer comprehensive assistance developing and executing your book project at any point in the life of the book, from concept to distribution, including:* story and manuscript development* publishing options, providing the pros and cons of self and traditional publishing strategies* self-publishing consulting and services, including assistance with:

  • book design, including in-house internal page design, referral to quality cover designers, and insight to developing marketable, effective cover concepts
  • printing/distribution options, enabling easy navigation of various self-publishing and printing companies
  • marketing, to help you assess a reasonable budget for publicizing your book, offering solid suggestions or creating a full marketing plan.

* traditional publishing consulting, including assistance with:

  • pitching your idea to a publisher or agent
  • finding and securing an agent
  • what to expect from the traditional publishing experience
Types of materials:
  • Manuscripts and Chapters
  • Academic Papers, Theses and Dissertations
  • Text books and Supplementary Materials
  • Proposals and Reports
  • Articles and Synopses
  • Galleys/Page Proofs
  • Website Copy
  • And more

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