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Editing Services


KEMPS Consulting offers a full range of editorial development services to accommodate many communications needs, both personal and professional. Authors please visit our Author Solutions page, for all publishing services.

Comprehensive Editing Services


The last pass of the final manuscript draft, ensuring absence of typos (spelling, punctuation errors)

Copy Editing

(Also known as Mechanical Editing) Correction of errors in syntax, grammar, and spelling, as well as reading for sense and completeness

Developmental Editing

(May also be called Line or Substantive Editing) Holistic evaluation and clarification of the text’s structure, content, tone, style, character and plot development, and narrative flow. May work with author from initial concept through entire writing process or from a draft stage.

Specialty Editing Services

Academic & Scholarly Editing

KEMPS Consulting provides scholarly support guided by a strong ethic and a healthy respect for the academic field. The assistance is focused on scholarly rigor and voice development. We offer a number of services to give you the boost you need:

Developmental editing: Assistance in developing concepts, creating work schedules, and assessing research

Mechanical editing: Ensuring proper grammar, syntax, and spelling, as well as MLA, AP, APA, and Chicago/Turabian style adherence

Research: Supplemental research and support in identifying and developing appropriate methodology

  • Dissertations and theses
  • Papers and articles
  • Projects


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