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Here below you will find a few helpful resources for this coaching journey.

How to Prepare for Coaching Sessions

Please come to each coaching session with an agenda/goal in mind, and (if any) notes from our previous sessions and homework assignments. Having an agenda or goal in mind helps you get the most from each session. (I can provide a “session focus” form to help you think through your agenda in advance. Just ask!) Journaling is strongly recommended as it is helpful to come to each session with notes on:           

  • Successes and challenges from the week
  • Action steps you took and work in progress
  • Insights and thoughts you’d like to share

I approach every session with the 5 Pillars of Personhood℠ in mind:

  • Perception: What do you see?
  • Perspective: How do you see it?
  • Proportion: What priority are you giving it?
  • Purpose: What reason or intention do you ascribe to it?
  • Practice: How do your daily actions support it?

Through these 5 p’s you can embrace your unique you, showing up in the world as the person you want to be. You may find it helpful to reflect on these 5p’s as you explore your goals and daily insights.

Online Personality Assessments

You must register on these sites, but it’s free and easy. These are educational sites and any information you provide helps to improve the quality of assessment results. You may find other assessments on these sites that are of interest to you.

You may take all or none of these assessments. Experience has shown that they can be very helpful in thinking through many aspects of both professional and personal concerns. And they often open the door to some surprisingly unexpected options. You do not have to share your results, but sharing will enable us to use them in our coaching. Happy exploring!