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BookBites: The Dare and the Doctor

See full review here.     I divined this book would be an intelligently witty read and I have not been disappointed. The Dare and the Doctor is a readers romp from the very beginning… (Keep reading for an opportunity to win a free copy!)The book begins with letters (can you …read more →


BookBites: Children of Darkness

In this case, you really can’t judge a book by its cover. The Children of Darkness is not at all the post-apocalyptic tale that you might expect, based on the cover or the title. It is, in actuality, a delightful sci-fi/fantasy story about three kids trying to find themselves and …read more →

Maya Rising, Last Call for Caviar 2, Melissa Roen

BookBites: Maya Rising

See full review here.     This sequel to Last Call for Caviar is equally as delicious as the first installment. A warning for persnickety readers, this is not a standalone volume. Start at the very beginning. Having said that… Destruction, death and blood cults—oh my! Maya Jade is still …read more →

Last Call for Caviar, Melissa Roen

BookBites: Last Call for Caviar

See full review here.     Destruction, death and blood cults—oh my! Maya Jade has been stranded in the Riviera during what can only be accurately described as Armageddon. Author Melissa Roen creates a rather convincing alternate reality in Last Call for Caviar, one in which the world as we …read more →


BookBites: The Last True Vampire

Delicious, dangerous, and deadly, The Last True Vampire is a welcome bite introducing the seductive Michael Aristov, the sexy Claire Thompson, and the sly author Kate Baxter who brings these gorgeous creatures to life. This is the first book in what is shaping up to be a must-read series for …read more →


BookBites: This Heart of Mine

This Heart of Mine is a beautiful story of redemption. Phoenix Fuller goes to jail, not for killing her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, but for daring to be different in a small town. Her ex-boyfriend Riley Stinson is the handsome and popular boy next door, a product of the white picketfencers …read more →


BookBites: City of Ladies

City of Ladies is a complex historical fiction in which Sarah Kennedy weaves an intricate, twisted web of a tale. Exploring the gender, personal, and national politics of 16th Century England, Kennedy paints a darkly colorful picture of King Henry VIII’s royal subjects. Catherine Havens Overton, once a nun, now …read more →


BookBites: A Scandal to Remember

J.E. Burke, conchologist with the Royal Philosophical Society, is not what any of the men of the ship Tenacious expected. And Lieutenant Charles Dance is nothing that Burke could have ever imagined. This makes for a hilarious and entertaining read from Elizabeth Essex that is at once feisty, fierce, and …read more →