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Author Solutions Pricing

For a project estimate, please contact us.

All pricing is subject to change. Fees listed as a convenience for informational purposes.

Project Development

Service Price
Project Management $60 per hour
Publishing Consulting $99 1st session, $60 per hour

Manuscript Development

Service Prices
Sample Edit $25 for 2000 words (8 pages)
Manuscript Review $3 per 250 words (1 page)
Manuscript Evaluation $6 per 250 words (1 page)
Writing Workshops $60 per hour
Ghost Writing $0.25 – $0.50 per word OR $120 per hour
Research $45 per hour

Editorial Development

Service Min. Price Per Word Min. Price Per Page* Price Per Hour**
Proofreading 1.0¢ $2.50 $35
Copy Editing 1.8¢ $4.50 $45
Developmental Editing 4.8¢ $12.00 $60


Book Design

Service Price
Cover Design $800
Page Design $800
Full Design $1,500


Service Per Word Per Hour
Content Writing $0.25 – $0.50 $50
Copy Writing $0.65 – $1.00 $60
Service Initial Session Per Hour
Research Free (1st Hour) $45

 *Standard page: 250 words.  The industry standard for a manuscript page  is a firm 250 words.
**Prices and rates are consistent with the Editorial Freelance Association and are determined by complexity of subject matter and level of editing needed.
The minimum project fee is $20.
Unless specifically requested to destroy, all projects are permanently archived by KEMPS Consulting for client convenience.
There is a $15 recovery fee for all project documents 30 days and older.