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Welcome to KEMPS Lexicon

KEMPS Lexicon is a blog that celebrates communication in its many forms. Professional and leisure. Interpersonal and introspective. Print, electronic, verbal and physical. The enduring classics and the ephemeral practical or preposterous. While our business arm KEMPS Consulting offers the services to help you communicate, Lexicon explores how human beings …read more →

adopting tiger, chavis fisher

New Release! Adopting Tiger by Chavis Fisher

Check out on of Amazon’s Bestselling Adoption Books: Adopting Tiger by Chavis Fisher ON SALE NOW Tiger’s twelve year old life swings on the foster care pendulum as two families fight to adopt him – Thomas Newman, the city’s professional quarterback and Clarissa Moore, the biological aunt Tiger has never …read more →

Walking Away is Not Failure

Failure and Walking Away | LinkedThoughts

Read latest LinkedIn article: What is Failure? I can definitely tell you what failure is not. After many a conversation with a frustrated friend, co-worker, client (and myself), this small but important distinction has become clear: Failure and Walking Away are NOT the same thing. So often we get it …read more →


I swear to take responsibility | LinkedThoughts

Read our latest LinkedIn article: How often do we really take responsibility for our own lives? So you pay your own bills, take care of your kids, handle your business. Sure. Those are responsibilities. But how often do you take responsibility for your life? For where you are in life, …read more →

Untamed Vampire, Kate Baxter

Untamed Vampire by Kate Baxter | Book Talk

TGIF, book lovers! Our page turner for this weekend the fourth installment in Kate Baxter’s Last True Vampire series, The Untamed Vampire. The Blurb WILD AT HEART Chelle is not your typical vampire. Turned not with a bite but an age-old magic, she’s the only one of her kind—and more …read more →

MRS by Noa Grey

Book Talk: MRS by Noa Grey

TGIF, book lovers! Our page turner for this weekend is the LGBTQIA Romance MRS by Noa Grey. The Blurb Dear Hope: When my daughter died, my husband of thirty years found solace in religion—and possibly another woman. Help. Dear Hope: I got fired today and the man that I’ve been …read more →

Dark Alpha's Lover by Donna Grant

Book Talk: Dark Alpha’s Lover by Donna Grant

TGIF, book lovers! Our page turner for this weekend is the fourth installment in the Reaper novel series, Dark Alpha’s Lover by Dragon and Fae-loving novelist Donna Grant. The Blurb Dark Alpha’s Lover is a brand new paranormal romance in her Reapers series featuring a brotherhood of elite assassins from …read more →

not every day is a good day

Thought for the Day: Not Every Day is a Good Day

Today’s thought for the day is really simple: Not every day is a good day. AND that’s okay. I haven’t been writing much in 2017. I’ve had a string of not so good days. But what I realized this morning, as I started my yearly review of my website, is …read more →

Pasta Wars by Elisa Lorello

Book Talk: Pasta Wars by Elisa Lorello

TGIF, book lovers! Our page turner for this weekend is foodie romance novel Pasta Wars by novelist Elisa Lorello, author of Faking It and Ordinary World. Ready to fork a mouthful of yummy in your mouth? Dig into this. The Blurb Slim, successful, and soon to marry the man of …read more →

Erica Lucke Dean, Suddenly Series

Take 5 w/ Erica Lucke Dean (Author Q&A)

So excited for our first KEMPS Pages post of 2017! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Paranormal romance writer Erica Lucke Dean drops by to talk with us about her seriously funny and melt your undies steamy Suddenly novel series: Suddenly Spellbound (Book 2 in Suddenly series) (genre: sci-fi/fantasy; length: …read more →

The SIlence of Six by E.C. Myers

Book Talk: The Silence of Six (SOS 1) by E.C. Myers

TGIF, book lovers! Our page turner for this weekend is the 2015 YA hacker thriller The Silence of Six by YA novelist E.C. Myers, author of Fair Coin and Quantum Coin. Now we realize there are many reviewers out there who would never review a book more than three months …read more →