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LexiBoost: “Rankle” Irritating Job Requirements

Frustrated Businesswoman on the PhoneBy Kate E. Stephenson

rankle (v.) 1. (of unpleasant feelings, experiences, etc.) to continue to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment within the mind; fester; be painful.

“You don’t have enough experience.”

Doesn’t that one statement rankle you? How can you possible get any experience if no one is willing to hire you? I know, it seems like such a stupid game that HR plays. But at the end of the day, they really are just trying to do their jobs—the same as you want to.

Think about this: Do you not have experience or are you not showing your experience?

Your resume is the place to show all of your relevant chops, but so many people hide their skills instead of showing them off. No one can intuit that you have experience. You have to demonstrate it! Even if it’s not in that field, many skills are transferrable. But you have to connect the dots.

It’s always possible that you’ve really never attempted something in a particular field before—in that case, why do you want to go into that foreign field? Be super specific. Reasons matter. You need to convince HR that you are worth the risk of training, and training is expensive!

So before the flames start to shoot out of your head, calm down and think about why they want the experience, then, give it to them!

Kate E. Stephenson is a freelance communications specialist whose business encompasses writing, editing and resume services. Lexicon is her brainchild, a blog all about Language! Insight into today’s job market and hiring tips, book releases and reviews, and general folly concerning the many mysterious facets of the English language, Lexicon is all about how we talk, write and communicate—even non-verbally. Be sure to read more about Kate, check out a full listing of services and rates, and enjoy the weekly updates her on Lexicon!

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