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Embrace Fear in 2016

It’s almost a month into 2016. Are you on target with your resolutions and dreams?

If you are already thinking, NO, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are in the same boat with the majority of people. But is that where you want to be? Do you want to be like everyone else or do you want to stick out from the herd? If we were antelope or zebra, perhaps standing out from the herd would be less than smart, it makes you a target to be eaten. As human beings, however, standing out is usually the only way to personal freedom and success.

Who are your idols, mentors, models?

Who do you consider the most important people in the world? Perhaps a few of the most likely answers are Oprah, Barak Obama, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lebron James, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Sonia Sotoymayor, Thurgood Marshall, Beyonce, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson… okay, I could really keep going and for as long as the list could be, the one commonality of all of the names I could possibly list is the daring to be a larger than life individual, the fearless, passionate, indomitable relentlessness to live into their dreams, the willingness and commitment to stand out from the crowd.

New Thought: Embrace Fear

So this is my new thought, being fearless doesn’t mean living without fear. It means more to accept the fear as a natural part of doing something incredible! To hunt out the fear, because if it isn’t scary it probably isn’t worth doing. To go after that which seems impossible, those things that most people around you and probably even some of those niggling voices in the back of your own head say you can never, will never accomplish, and prove everyone—even yourself—wrong. For those who live the impossible dream, fear is a friend. But like with friends, you don’t back away from that seeming foe, you embrace it and carry it with you lovingly through all your life, because that is the barometer. If you aren’t afraid, you aren’t doing it right.

Are you ready to embrace your fear?

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