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On the Hunt

On the Hunt: Interview with panache

By Eileen Ramos When you get a job interview, your main goal is to get them to see you as a team member.  Demonstrate your technical ability for this role and show what you can add to their group as well as show that you will be low maintenance. No …read more →


LexiBoost: “Logorrhea” A cure for the verbal runs

By Eileen Ramos Logorrhea (n.):  1. Pathologically incoherent, repetitious speech. 2. Incessant or compulsive talkativeness; wearisome volubility. Why yes, it does rhyme with diarrhea. And just like diarrhea, logorrhea should be avoided at all costs during job interviews, work luncheons, presentations, and well, just about everywhere really.  To get rid …read more →

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The Mighty Pen: Formatting Foils

Ok, so you are about to pitch your story to five, ten, twenty-five new leads. Easiest thing to do–Copy and Paste! Yes, surely that is the answer. And, I agree it is. You don’t want to waste all of your energies reinventing the wheel. If you have a crisp, clear, …read more →


Lexiboost: “Billingsgate” Encouraging Self-Censorship

LexiBoost Du Jour: Billingsgate (n.): Coarsely abusive, foul, or profane language. Walking down the street the other day, I heard the most creative and inappropriate string of expletives. I would explain the situation, but really it doesn’t matter. It could have been a mother reprimanding her child, or a female …read more →

On the Hunt

Grooming for the Job

Ok, so by now it should be common sense that you should dress for the job you want. But I also know that common sense is anything but common. So here are a few simple tips for the interview that should be apparent, but maybe aren’t. The Basics Shower and …read more →