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Spring into Your Career! Dust off that Resume

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March marks the beginning of a new growing season. All winter long the plants have remained dormant in their frozen soil, collecting the energy and nutrients they need to grow bright and strong in the thawing sun of Spring.

Similarly, it is our turn to embrace a new season of productivity, as the remnants of dirty snow wash away. Now is the best time to get back into the rhythm of job hunting. Many job fields go into hiring freezes in late autumn, but Spring is the opportune moment to bounce back into the work world. If you’ve been unemployed over the winter, shake off that  hibernation grogginess, and get ready to make your move. Get an early start:

  • Update yourself on innovations and changes in your job field;
  • Research the hiring managers, important players, and companies in which you are interested; and
  • Apply to positions for which you are qualified.

Remember that the first introduction hiring managers and HR reps have to you and your qualifications is your resume. Dust it off and spruce it up. Have more than one person take a look at it and tell you what they see. If you aren’t telling the company why they should hire you in the first two lines, you will be over looked. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Be clear, concise and consistent. Tell them who you are as an employee and what you can do, in as few words as possible. Make sure all of your spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are the same throughout. And make sure your bullet points match up. It makes it easier for the eyes to find all the important info.
  • Be qualified. Don’t apply for positions in which you have no interest or little ability to do. Being qualified doesn’t necessarily mean you meet all of the position’s specifications! Play up all of the ways in which you do meet their advertised needs, then provide alternative skills and talents to show you worthy even if you are missing a few check marks on their list.
  • Be honest. Yes, many people lie on resumes (and I won’t lie, some get away with it) but it’s a great risk with often little reward. All it takes is one phone call to be blacklisted in a field. So just be honest with the potential employer and yourself.

Happy Hunting, Early Birds!

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