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Lexiboost: “Spoonerism” Horses and Whores

Horse Drawn Carriage

LexiBoost Du Jour:

Spoonerism (n.): transposition of initial or other sounds of words, by accident or farce, as in blushing crow for crushing blow.

Spelling counts. There is just no getting around it. And while spoonerisms are generally funny and harmless, there are consequences to slips of the tongue (and finger). While not technically a spoonerism, the “horse” drawn carriage is a classic example of the  absurdity caused by an imposed or missing letter. Spell check is a great feature; please use it–the red squiggly line under that word probably means you need to use one of those great online dictionaries and check the spelling of that word. It takes a second to ensure that the harness goes over the right animal.

Sappy Hpelling! (corny, I know)

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