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Author Solutions


First time writers, indie authors, even vets–everyone can use a helping hand on occasion. Publishing can be difficult to navigate. There are many options. And even options inside of options. All the moving parts can seem overwhelming.

KEMPS is here to help you filter the noise and find the right solutions for you.

Most aspects of the industry are quite simple, but that doesn’t make them easy or quick. These Author Solutions are designed to break down the publishing process into digestible bites. The main goal is to see your book in print or on screen and available for purchase.

Editorial Development

KEMPS offers a full suite of editing and writing services to supplement, enhance and polish your prose or poetry. From developmental writing stage all the way through final proofreading, editorial development is a checks and balances system that ensures the author’s intentions are clear, goals achieved and manuscript fully matured for the reading audience.

Manuscript Review and Evaluation

Our recommended first step in the editorial development process is a manuscript review and evaluation.

Manuscript review helps you answer questions like: Is my book finished? Are all of my characters well developed? Does my story make sense? Is my book saleable? What level of editing is needed to ensure my manuscript is top quality? I know something is off, but I’m not sure what…

Offering high-level advice on clarity, consistency, plot and character development, a review will give you answers to these questions and more. The level of commentary returned, depends on the indications of your manuscript.

Manuscript evaluations offer in-depth, page by page commentary discussing the use and structure of language, character development, narrative pacing, logical progression, tone and voice consistency. It also includes a 1 to 5 page memo of written feedback concerning general observations of plot, narrative flow, readability and marketability. Includes an up to 60 minute follow-up call where desired.

One-on-One Writing Workshops
Many have a desire to write, but do not have the formal training or natural instincts. Fortunately, writing skills can be learned and an author voice developed with the right instruction. In-depth, one-on-one workshops are designed to support you in your journey to authorship. This may include but is not limited to:

  • writing basics: elements of a story, language and devices, etc.
  • narrative development
  • grammar and syntax improvement
  • tone and voice development
  • self-editing tricks and tips

Publishing Consulting
Comprehensive assistance developing your book at any stage of the publishing process, including:

  • story and manuscript development.
  • publishing options, providing the pros and cons of self and traditional publishing strategies.
  • self-publishing services, including assistance with:
    • book design: in-house book design, referral to quality designers, and insight to developing marketable, effective cover concepts.
    • printing/distribution options: enabling easy navigation of various self-publishing and printing companies.
    • marketing: helping you assess a reasonable budget for publicizing your book, offering solid suggestions or creating a full marketing plan.
  • traditional publishing consulting, including assistance with:
    • pitching your idea to a publisher or agent.
    • finding and securing an agent.
    • what to expect from the traditional publishing experience.

Book Project Management
Project Management simplifies your life, helping you publish your book without the headaches involved in making all of the decisions. You work on writing, and we will usher your book through production, from manuscript to publicity, with a custom plan for your book, based on your genre, budget and goals.

Book Marketing
Book Marketing starts from the moment you decide you want to publish. Courting a publisher is very similar to courting an audience, and involves similar activities. These services will help you woo and win over the right market at the right time.

Book Query Letters and Proposals: Informative and enticing query letters and/or book proposals are for authors what cover letters and resumes are for job seekers. This is your first introduction to a literary agent or publishing company. Make your pitch a lasting, positive impression.

Book Blurbs: The back of the book or inside flap that book shoppers zero in on to assess whether they want to read your book or not–it’s often a consumers first stop after being captivated by the cover. If it’s not interesting and intriguing, NEXT. Why would anyone read your book if the blurb isn’t even good? So make it irresistible.

Author Bios: We live in an inquiring age where people want to know. The author bio is a great way to get people interested in you and your books. A multipurpose marketing gem, the author bio can be a great conversation starter, information giver, and interest getter–if you do it right.

Publicity: Supplement your advertising campaign with some smart publicity. Network with blogs and book reviewers. Get coverage in local newspapers and magazines. Find the influencers in the right circles to chat your book up. Publicity is all about building buzz! Press releases, editorials, Q&As, excerpts and so much more. A comprehensive publicity plan is a low cost, high reward strategy that can make or break your book.


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