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Quote of the Day: “Doubt Kills”

Doubt Kills

Writers are called to do the impossible: to bear their souls and stand naked before the world to endure the ridicule and fickleness of human nature. That’s enough to leave anyone shaking in their boots. We are left to wonder if we are saying the right thing, if anyone will care, if our writing is any good, if… if… if…

Don’t get stuck on the ifs. Doubt will leave you paralyzed and stranded. Finish what you started. No, you may not say it right for everyone. No, you may not find a readership that cares. No, your writing may not be as good as it could be or as someone else’s. But what if you do? What if you will? What if yours is? That’s the point, you won’t know unless you just do it! Don’t let doubt defeat your dreams.

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