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New Book! The Bacteria of Hurt: Innocence by Paula Lett

the-bacteria-of-hurt-innocence-paula-lettThe Bacteria of Hurt: Book 1: Innocence

By Paula Lett


Poignant and humorous, joyous and devastating, this coming of age story chronicles the pandemic of pain and one little girl’s search for an elusive cure.

P.L. Publishing Inc. is happy to announce the release of author Paula K. Lett’s debut memoir Innocence, book one of The Bacteria of Hurt trilogy.

Like most girls Paula dreamed of a Cinderella wedding and happily ever after life. That dream was shattered when she became prey to the bacteria of hurt that derailed her life plans. Betrayed by the very ones she believed she could trust and drowning in a sea of despair, young Paula navigates through a series of events that lead her closer and closer to the edge of death.

Exploring themes that encompass the complexity of family, the bounds of friendship, the tumultuous nature of young love, and the sometimes tragic consequences of survival, Innocence is a brave coming of age story. This book not only underscores the struggles of the author but of thousands more like her who have slipped through the cracks of compassion. The testimony of the millions proves that the festering secrets of childhood are hard to outgrow.

As a first time author, Paula summons women to pull back the layers, to take an introspective look at the face in the mirror, and meet the challenge of dealing with the dark truth of reality. Women are challenged to abandon their closet secrets, find purpose in their scars, and use the weapons sent to destroy them to catapult them into their destiny.

A North Carolina native, Paula brings the suburban South to life, describing the nascent neighborhood that she was born into. Rooted in the growing African American middle class of the 1960s, Paula sings the dreams and speaks the fears of women of every socioeconomic circumstance everywhere. With an understanding that pain does not discriminate between color, creed or community, Paula has identified the pandemic bacteria of hurt that claims the lives of the unsuspecting.​

Memoir/Af-Am/Women’s Lit
144 pages, 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches
Paperback $14.95 US
ISBN 13: 978-1518723483
On Sale: May 5, 2016

About the Author

PAULA LETT is a mentor, educator and poet. A licensed COGIC Evangelist committed to transforming the lives of women, Paula founded Whole Woman Ministries, Inc. in 2004. This ministry is dedicated to positively supporting women in their struggle to move beyond the failures of the past to come into fuller life through Jesus Christ in the present

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