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Mental Health Awarness Month: Book 1 of Alzheimer’s Roadmap Series

 Alzheimer's Road May Series by Laura Town

Just to recap:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.Lexicon is devoted to exploring the impact that language has on our everyday lives. Words are often more powerful than actions, and have an intense impact on the psyche–for good or ill.  This May, we take an in-depth look at the empowering six-book Alzheimer’s Roadmap series, which exists to ease the heavy load of caregivers and provide some mental comfort through proactive planning. These books were developed by a caregiver, Laura Town, to allow others to benefit from the intensive research she undertook when her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

This Friday, I want to introduce you to two more books in Laura Town’s 6-book series the Alzheimer’s Roadmap:

 Home Safety

Help Your Loved One, Relieve Your Stress

Forty-five million people have Alzheimer’s, and their caregivers are overwhelmed. The Alzheimer’s Roadmap series is designed for the caregiver who has to make a million decisions, some are huge decisions and some are small. These decisions, however, have two goals in common: to protect the loved one who is suffering from this terrible disease and to make the stressful life of the caregiver easier.

Knowing how to keep their loved one safe is a top concern for caregivers. With this in mind, Laura Town, a caregiver, and Karen Kassel, a doctor of pharmacology, have written an invaluable book on the care and safety of Alzheimer patients. With detailed checklists of everything from Emergency Alert systems to Fire Safety to Medication Safety, this concise compendium is the definitive guide to Alzheimer patient safety. Whether you’re a medical professional or a family caregiver, you will breathe easier knowing you’ve taken the guesswork out of caregiving. Learn: How to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Home; How to Avoid Falls; How to Prevent Wandering; How to Stop Your Loved One from Driving; How to Prevent Elder Abuse and Suicide; and much more.

 Caregiver Resources

Navigate Living Arrangements for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

Everyone wants to live at home for as long as possible. Caregivers can help people with Alzheimer’s disease stay in their homes by addressing common safety concerns, as well as knowing the signs that a transition to in-home health care or a long-term care facility is necessary. In the home, chemical hazards, driving, and falls pose major health risks, and wandering away from supervision can seriously endanger the person with Alzheimer’s disease. And even once these issues have been addressed, caregivers are faced with a host of questions about the ideal living arrangement for their loved one. Which home services can ease the burden of caregiving? When is moving in with a family member appropriate? When should your loved one transition to a full-time care facility or memory care unit?

Having tackled these issues in our own lives, we’ve compiled detailed checklists to help you with decisions, large and small, that you will face about your loved one’s care. With concise checklists on everything from fall prevention to deciding on a memory care unit, this short guide takes the guesswork out of Alzheimer’s disease caregiving.  Learn: Home Modifications to Reduce Confusion;Warning Signs for Wandering; When to Hire Home Healthcare; Signs Your Loved One Could Benefit from a Long-Term Care Facility; Features of Memory Care Units.

Do you have a story to share about your experience as a caregiver?

Have you been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and have something to say?

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