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Trivia on

Ok, so I’ve added trivia blogger to my roster of talents. And as I share all my worthwhile thoughts with you, I wanted to share this too. My weekly trivia column can be found on This week’s interesting Kate-fact: Kathleen Meyers won literary Diagram Prize (Must read for your …read more →

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The Mighty Pen: Formatting Foils

Ok, so you are about to pitch your story to five, ten, twenty-five new leads. Easiest thing to do–Copy and Paste! Yes, surely that is the answer. And, I agree it is. You don’t want to waste all of your energies reinventing the wheel. If you have a crisp, clear, …read more →

InHonor Of...Women's History Month

The Second Sex: Women’s History Month Vol.1

Wretched Illness! Ok, so my Black History Month literary blog series was prematurely cut short because of a rampant flu bug. I do apologize and will try harder to vaccinate and stay healthy. Instead of picking up where I left off, I’d like to start the next series for Women’s …read more →

InHonor Of...Black History Month

Feb. 18 In Honor of James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson June 17, 1871 – June 26, 1938 1st African-American Professor at New York University (NYU), Creative Literature and Education Most noted for penning “Lift E’vry Voice and Sing” Author, politician, diplomat, critic, journalist, poet, anthologist, educator, lawyer, songwriter, and early civil rights activist For more information: …read more →

InHonor Of...Black History Month

Feb. 17 In Honor of Gina Prince-Bythewood

Gina Prince-Bythewood (born Gina Maria Prince) June 10, 1969 — Screenwriter and Director Credits include Love & Basketball, Disappearing Acts, and The Life of Bees (adapted from Sue Monk Kidd) For more information:

InHonor Of...Black History Month

Feb. 10 In Honor of John H. Johnson

John H. Johnson January 19, 1918 – August 8, 2005 African American Entrepreneur and Publisher Started the first commercially successful black magazine, The Negro Digest, in 1942 Later produced the more successful Ebony (1945) and Jet (1951) magazines For more information: Ebony, March 1982, p. 129  (searchable in Google Books) …read more →

InHonor Of...Black History Month

Feb 8. In Honor of Freedom’s Journal

Freedom’s Journal March 16, 1827 to March 28, 1829 (weekly) 1st African American owned and operated newspaper in the United States According to African American journalist, Garland Penn, Cornish and Russwurm’s objective with Freedom’s Journal was to go up against other local newspapers published in New York City that attacked …read more →

InHonor Of...Black History Month

Feb. 4 In Honor of Mark Whitaker

In this Black History Month, we honor: Mark Whitaker September 7, 1957 — Journalist, Writer, Editor, Vice President Author of memoir My Long Trip Home Newsweek‘s First Black Editor, and the first African American to lead a national news magazine For more information: Whitaker: Newsweek's first black editor

InHonor Of...Black History Month

Feb. 2: In Honor of Robert C. Weaver

Robert C. Weaver becomes first African-American Cabinet member In U. S. Government on January 18, 1966 For more information please see:

InHonor Of...Black History Month

Feb. 1 In Honor of Arthur A. Schomburg

Arturo “Arthur” Alfonso Schomburg 1874 – 1938 Foremost Bibliophile and Collector of Books On Black Culture and History Born in Santurce, PR in 1874 to a German father and mother of St. Croix US V.I. heritage. For more information: