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Lexiboost: “Unbidden” Where did you come from?

Unbidden (adj.): not ordered or commanded; spontaneous. Not asked or summoned; uninvited. You’re in an interview with a prospective employer and things are going well. Your attire is neat and professional. Your body language is open and energetic. You have a great rapport going on with your interviewer. But suddenly, …read more →


Lexiboost: “Doldrums” Snap out of it!

Doldrums (n.): a. A period of stagnation or slump. We all have had the doldrums; those times when our writing isn’t  going our way and we aren’t sure it ever will. Writer’s block can be debilitating but with these tips you can boost your writing spirit again. Read a favorite …read more →


Lexiboost: “Ineffable” Say No More

Ineffable (adj.): Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable Having trouble communicating what you’re thinking? Have something important and urgent to say but it seems too ineffable for you to try? Maybe you want to show that you are a great candidate for the job in your cover letter but …read more →


Lexiboost: “Vernal” Spring forward

  By Eileen Ramos Vernal (adj.): Of, relating to, or occurring in the spring. It’s springtime, when flowers and trees bloom and birds are chirping in the vernal air. Take this chance to bring your writing outside so you can both appreciate the weather as well as get some work …read more →

Doors Will Open

Thought for Today: Doors will open

Doors Will Open When you wonder if it’s a waste of time to knock on the door, think of the alternative if you don’t. The worst thing anyone can tell you is “No”. But there’s a 50/50 chance that the answer will be yes. You don’t know until you lift …read more →

Banana Peel

Lexiboost: “Schadenfreude” Sidestep the proverbial banana peel

Schadenfreude (n.): satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. We all have our moments of schadenfreude. Witnessing others misfortune often gives us a chuckle. The man who falls while running to the train. A boy slips off his skateboard. Your friend hits his funnybone. But I wonder sometimes, why …read more →


Lexiboost: “Riposte” Hold your tongue

Riposte (n.): 1. a quick, sharp return in speech or action; counterstroke: a brilliant riposte to an insult. 2. Fencing. a quick thrust given after parrying a lunge. That absolutely perfect comeback is right on the tip of your tongue. The seething riposte would make you feel fabulous—but it could …read more →

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Lexiboost: “Ignominious” Don’t slink out your next interview

Ignominious (adj.): 1. marked by or attended with ignominy; discreditable; humiliating: an ignominious retreat. 2. bearing or deserving ignominy; contemptible. Was your last interview marked by an ignominious retreat? I understand. The key to interviewing victory is planning. As Henry Hartman said: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” You already have …read more →


Lexiboost: “Nepenthe” Get busy

Nepenthe (n.): Something that induces forgetfulness of sorrow or eases pain We all have nepenthes to deal with the aches of life. For some it’s throwing themselves into work, for others it’s creating art. I like to listen to music and watch comedies to forget my pain.  Whatever your method, …read more →


Lexiboost: “Stultify” Stand out!

Stultify (v.): To cause to lose interest or feel dull and not alert Don’t blend in with the other applicants, stand out! Your cover letter is key. Be as vibrant with your language as you possibly can. Show enthusiasm for the job you’re seeking.  Employers will most likely pick you …read more →