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LexiBoost: Vote!

VoteBy Kate E. Stephenson

Vote (n. & v.):

1. a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals.
2. the means by which such expression is made, as a ballot, ticket, etc.
3. the right to such expression: to give women the vote.
4. the decision reached by voting, as by a majority of ballots cast: The vote was for the resolution.
5. a collective expression of will as inferred from a number of votes: the labor vote.


Rock your right to vote! While you still have the chance, cast your ballot and make your voice heard. You can’t be represented if you don’t exercise this right.

Kate E. Stephenson is a freelance communications specialist whose business encompasses writing, editing and resume services. Lexicon is her brainchild, a blog all about Language! Insight into today’s job market and hiring tips, book releases and reviews, and general folly concerning the many mysterious facets of the English language, Lexicon is all about how we talk, write and communicate—even non-verbally. Be sure to read more about Kate, check out a full listing of services and rates, and enjoy the weekly updates her on Lexicon!

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