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Lexiboost: “Schadenfreude” Sidestep the proverbial banana peel

Schadenfreude (n.): satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

 We all have our moments of schadenfreude. Witnessing others misfortune often gives us a chuckle. The man who falls while running to the train. A boy slips off his skateboard. Your friend hits his funnybone. But I wonder sometimes, why is it so funny? It’s usually not as much of a sidestitcher when it’s we who have experienced that bad luck. If we look at the current job market, much of this chaos has been created by corporate schadenfreude—business laughing it’s way all the way to the bank. So, the next time you think to crack a smile at the person who’s quarter just rolled under the bus—just remember, if you’re out of a job, that’s you. Instead of laughing, lend a helping hand. Put a smile on someone else’s face and credits into your own karma bank.

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