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LexiBoost: “Sardonic” No need to be snarky

MP900382873 (small)LexiBoost: Sardonic: No need to be snarky

By Kate E. Stephenson

Sardonic (adj.): characterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical; sneering: a sardonic grin.

Cynicism is the default these days. It’s the norm to be jaded. And that’s fine—I am definitely a proponent of sarcasm as a demonstration of intelligence. However that acerbic perspective may rub some the wrong way or leave a bitter taste on their tongues. You say, “so what” now, but when that person left with acid burn is a potential employer you might take a different tone.

Just remember, that sardonic laughter might be amusing now, but you get back what you give out to the world. You don’t believe in karma, or any of that new age crap—I get it. So maybe put it this way, sticks and stones may break your bones and calling people names can hurt you. Once you adopt that snarky tone, it’s hard to lose it. And snark is not what you want to channel while trying to get a job or a promotion.

Try this. Be nice.

I know it’s a radical thought.

Kate E. Stephenson is a freelance communications specialist whose business encompasses writing, editing and resume services. Lexicon is her brainchild, a blog all about Language—insight into today’s job market and hiring tips, book releases and reviews, and general folly concerning the many mysterious facets of the English language. Be sure to read more about Kate, check out a full listing of services and rates, and enjoy her weekly columns on!

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