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Lexiboost: “Riposte” Hold your tongue

Riposte (n.): 1. a quick, sharp return in speech or action; counterstroke: a brilliant riposte to an insult. 2. Fencing. a quick thrust given after parrying a lunge.

That absolutely perfect comeback is right on the tip of your tongue. The seething riposte would make you feel fabulous—but it could also get you fired. Today we live in precarious times. Before your mouth writes a check your bank account cannot carry, think and hush. It’s difficult to be docile, but on occasion it is also the right thing to do. We all have those days when we would prefer to throw the computer out the window and tell our bosses what we really think. But until you get that next perfect job, don’t jump ship. Stay on board until you have a plan, then quietly make your exit. Just remember, the toes you step on today might be attached to the hand that writes your check tomorrow.

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