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Lexiboost: “Misnomer” Say My Name, Say My Name

MP900382873 (small)By Eileen Ramos

Misnomer (n):  1. A misapplied or inappropriate name or designation 2. An error naming a person or thing.

When writing a cover letter, be sure that you are using the right name.  Nothing says “trash bin” more than an incorrectly addressed cover letter. No one wants to be addressed by the wrong or improper name.

If it is in the job listing then utilize the whole name, not just the first.  Keep your letter approachable but not casual—yes you want them to like you but you aren’t applying for a new best friend. This is business.

If you can’t find a contact name, use “Dear Hiring Manager” instead of “To Whom this May Concern.” It is just more professional and personal that way.  Avoids any misnomers while making sure you state your intention of being hired.


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