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LexiBoost: “Linchpin” Holding it together

By Eileen Ramos

linchpinLinchpin (n.):  1. A pin inserted through the end of an axletree to keep the wheel on. 2. Something that holds the various elements of a complicated structure together.

So what’s your linchpin? What are the key items that you’ve built your life around and have kept your mind together? It’s important to figure out what that important element is and strengthen it so you can get your life on the smooth track. This may be a cliche question, but it is for a reason—What is your purpose?

In thinking about a career, people often make the mistake of concentrating on salary—but money alone can’t make you happy. Here’s a thought: Cut out the unnecessary materialistic clutter to get at the heart of what will really brings you satisfaction. Start by naming activities that make you happy that you would do for free. What constantly makes you smile and feel grateful to be doing it?

Did the light bulb just go off? Guess what—that’s your linchpin. Don’t let it fall to the wayside, you just might fall apart.

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