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Lexiboost: “Superfluous” Say (Only) What You Need to Say

dreamstimefree_2308283LexiBoost Du Jour:

Superfluous (adj.): being more than is sufficient or required; excessive.

Faux pas aren’t just in fashion; resumes are riddled with them. One on the top of my list (and many others) is excess.  You have to learn when to trim the fat. It is rarely ever appropriate to be superfluous. There are times when more is more. If project detail is required, then give potential employers detail. But know when enough is enough.

For most job seekers, one (1!) page is quite enough. You should be able to detail all of your relevant–I repeat, RELEVANT work history in the span of a single standard, 8 1/2 x 11 letter page. I will say margins are manipulable, but you should stay within that one page and provide plenty of white space to give the eye an opportunity to breathe and to bring attention to the most important information.

The best way to keep it to the bare minimum is to again seek to include only the most timely and relevant information. Once you get it down to the most recent and germane job positions, then whittle down your descriptions. The detail shoudl be concise. Don’t use ten words if you can use five.

Keep in mind, HR reps generally decide if you are an interesting candidate within the first three (yes, 3!) seconds of reviewing your resume. They don’t have time to flip the page. So don’t give them a second page. Remember these three C’s–Crisp, Concise, Catching! If you can accomplish this, you’ve won half the battle.

Here’re a  few more quick tips:

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