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Lexiboost: “Futilitarian” Hope Floats

LexiBoost Du Jour:

futilitarian (adj.): believing that human hopes are vain and unjustified.

A recent story reported by NPR, A Miserable Job Market Leads Many to Stop Looking, stated:

The official unemployment rate, the headline number that comes out every month, was 9.1 percent in May. It measures how many people are out of work and looking for a job.

Then there’s the U-6, which is technically the broadest measure of unemployment. It includes people who are underemployed — meaning they want more work — and people who have stopped looking; perhaps they’ve decided to go back to school or they’ve just given up their quest for work. That rate is 15.8 percent.

15.8 % of potential employees are either in need of more work or have just plain given up. I understand this futilitarianism; the job market is still bleak and it can be difficult to maintain hope in such a disillusioning environment. But even if you don’t have hope, put in the work. Jobs are being made every day, and if you throw in the towel before even trying you surely won’t find that job you need (much less of your dreams).

Be practical, be persistent, be present.

Job fairs abound, and companies are accepting applications. Here are a few resources:

Register for Edison, NJ Job Fair

National Career Fairs–Sign Up!

EmploymentGuide.Com Job Fairs–Nonprofit Job Listings

Shake of the futilitarian funk! Click on the links above and get to getting on that great job. Happy Hunting!

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