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Lexiboost: “Animus” The Reason I Write

The reason one writes isn’t the fact he wants to say something.

He writes because he has something to say.

~F. Scott Fitzgerald

LexiBoost Du Jour:

Animus (n.): the animating purpose; intention.

I love this exploration with words that I’ve embarked upon. I heard somewhere that the average American vocabulary range is shrinking each year and that we in fact now employ fewer words than our predecessors in the 19th Century. How odd that our technology should be expanding exponentially by the second but our basic capacity to communicate–speech–is decreasing with almost the same speed.

I wonder if our desire to say something, anything in this vast virtual universe hasn’t overshadowed the content of our thoughts and purpose of speaking. I wonder even about myself as I write this blog post if what I have to say truly has merit enough to justify the energy I expel typing it. But I am comforted by this thought–the very fact that I have considered whether or not my cogitation is worthy of the eyes that may peruse it. But I fear many do not. The idea of editing, of weeding out the excess, of presenting the pearl instead of merely the sand, seems to be lost to generations past. Scoffed at as overthinking, overprocessed, adulterated and worthless in this era of instant gratification, instant messaging, insta-bonds, and insta-breaks, it seems too much work to actually think about what you have to say, to be accountable to your message, and responsible for the effects.

I wonder what your animus is… and what you are willing to invest… because words are too important to waste.

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