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Lexiboost: “Doldrums” Snap out of it!

Doldrums (n.): a. A period of stagnation or slump.


We all have had the doldrums; those times when our writing isn’t  going our way and we aren’t sure it ever will. Writer’s block can be debilitating but with these tips you can boost your writing spirit again.

  • Read a favorite book to rekindle your brain.
  • Start other projects and come back to your piece once your inspiration juices start flowing.
  • Take a long stroll and let the fresh air clear your mind so you can write.

Remember, this period couldn’t last forever even if you tried. Keep going!

Eileen Ramos is an enthusiastic introvert who has a fervor for words.  She loves collecting them and seeing how they fit in, and expand, her world.  She’s a writer by day, sleeper by night (well, sort of) and she can’t wait to see what title she earns next. For more information or to link with Eileen, check out her LinkedIn profile.


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