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LexiBoost: “Disillusion” The fairytale is over

By Kate E. Stephenson

MC900090577disillusion (v.) 1. to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.

Do you feel like the rose-tinted glasses have been yanked from your eyes? Is the world a different and scary place without them?

Someone brilliant once said “the only constant is change.” Disillusionment is inevitable. There will always be something that you believe that turns out to be untrue or a cause that you fight for (or against) that is not really what you believed it to be. But, losing your illusions is not necessarily a bad thing. To free yourself from falsehood and ignorance is one (huge) step towards embracing truth.

Whether it’s realizing that perfect job isn’t so perfect or that passion is really more of a hobby or your education was just a foundation and not a rocket propeller into upper management—seeing the real deal makes you able to make better decisions and find the right path to the places you want to be.

“The End” in the fairytale is just the beginning in real life, and if all that we had to look forward to was “happily ever after” then life would be pretty darn boring. Shed your blinders. Embrace the real. Seize the day.


Kate E. Stephenson is a freelance communications specialist whose business encompasses writing, editing and resume services. Lexicon is her brainchild, a blog all about Language! Insight into today’s job market and hiring tips, book releases and reviews, and general folly concerning the many mysterious facets of the English language, Lexicon is all about how we talk, write and communicate—even non-verbally. Be sure to read more about Kate, check out a full listing of services and rates, and enjoy the weekly updates her on Lexicon!

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