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Lexiboost: “Detritus” Left behind

MP900448159By  Eileen Ramos

Detritus (n.): Disintegrated or eroded matter; debris

What items make up your detritus? Mine are falling apart books, pants and skirts a few sizes too short, and drained pens. You can learn a lot from the debris a person has left or discards.  From mine you can tell that I’m a writer, or at least an aspiring one.  The remnants of a person’s day or lifetime can make you wonder what drives the person forward and what exactly holds them back.  Our milestones can be defined by what we throw away eventually. The wedding photos from a divorce, the old assignments we had for school, and the arts and crafts that our grown child did when he was just a kindergartener. What will you leave behind?

Eileen Ramos is an enthusiastic introvert who has a fervor for words.  She loves collecting them and seeing how they fit in, and expand, her world.  She’s a writer by day, sleeper by night (well, sort of) and she can’t wait to see what title she earns next. For more information or to link with Eileen, check out her LinkedIn profile.

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