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Lexiboost: “Concatenate” Connect the dots

Connect the Dots

By Kate E. Stephenson

Concatenate [kon-kat-n-eyt] (v. used with object): 1. to link together; unite in a series or chain.

In this final month of 2012, this is your opportunity to set yourself up right for the New Year. December is National Write Your Business Proposal month, and it’s also just generally a great time for reflection. It’s time to put the pieces of your business together.

Creating a business plan is an act of concatenation. Each part of your business must link to the next in a logical sequence.

  • What you do to Why you do it
  • Why you do it to How you do it
  • How you do it to Where you do it
  • Where you do it to When you do it
  • When you do it to What you’re going to do next

It’s really that simple. Yes, there should be some numbers in there to quantify all of those aspects. But understanding how all of the facets of your business link together will make it easier for you to provide statistics that make sense and are relevant to your current and future business needs.

Make 2013 your year of growth.

And if you need help, we’re always here for you.

Kate E. Stephenson is a freelance communications specialist whose business encompasses content writing, comprehensive editing and quality resume services. Lexicon is her brainchild, a blog all about Language—insight into today’s job market and hiring tips, book releases and reviews, and general folly concerning the many mysterious facets of the English language. Be sure to read more about Kate, check out a full listing of services and rates, and enjoy her weekly columns on!

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