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Hope in 2015: Jobs

 Yes, “there is hope.”

Job Creation and Increased Wages

We have been through dark days. And even the most amazing professional resumes have not always gotten the job in the past five years. The economy has been in the toilet (no matter what the official numbers reported–my mother always said “the proof is in the pudding.”) And frankly, as the economy started to rebound just a couple of short years ago, employers were less than eager to hire. It is a well-known phenomenon, reported by many major news outlets, that in a time of raging unemployment, organizations wanted already employed workers.

Yes, these have been dark days.

And the winter has started frigid and frozen. In these often brutally cold, snow and ice-covered days, it can be easy to forget that winter is just one season and a promise of the growth to come. But I take comfort in the days right after the winter solstice (which just so happens to coincide with Christmas). There is a magical feeling in the air that time of year. The diverse voices of celebration, an anticipation of the New Year, and the ever so slight change in the dark hours slowly lessening bit by bit. This time of year reminds me of the spring that is coming. And right now, in this season, the twilight of these dark days has arrived. There is so much happening in the jobscape right now that gives job seekers every reason to be optimistic and hope!

I always remind my clients that a professional resume is a tool, not a guarantee. And 2011 through early 2014 were disappointing years for many. Jobs simply were not there. But this fall, I conducted a survey with my clients and I found that while some had not found that perfect position yet, they were not defeated. Bites were happening, they were feeling interest, and jobs were opening up. When I asked Maryann Baram, a long time client who searched for a job through 2011 and 2012 before finding a great position in 2013, do you think there is hope for the economy, this is what she said:

I do think there is hope. I seem to have come across a lot of opportunities this time around. Things are looking brighter, you just need patience to find your dream job. ☆

And she is right! There are many opportunities out there, right now. Job seekers just need to have the patience, diligence and determination to walk into them. Look at the numbers: many states are kicking up their scheduled minimum wage increases. The average increase is about $0.60 per hour from 2013 through 2015, with some states increasing as much as $1.25. Anyone who has ever pinched pennies knows that seemingly small hike can make a big difference.

If that doesn’t have you screaming, “yippee!” here’s another tidbit. Jobs really are growing. It’s still a slow process, but if you look at the deep dip we took in 2008 and track the progress (or sometimes lack thereof) over the past seven years, you can see movement. This means that resumes are being reviewed. Whereas twelve months ago, or even six months ago, you may not have gotten much traction, try again now.

The beginning of the year is the BEST time to look for a new job. Everyone is still buzzing from the holiday season (whether you celebrate or not), many businesses new fiscal years start at the first, and after end of year assessments and budgeting, businesses have a better understanding of the jobs that need to be filled and how to fund them.

The next two weeks are the ripest time to brush off that resume and submit it!

If you made a New Year’s resolution to find that great new job, this year, right now, is the moment to make that resolution a reality.

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