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Happiness Is Here! Job Search 2015

 Job Search 2015

Move Into Your Happy Now!

I just received an update email from LinkedIn that 23% of my network made a major career move in the last twelve months. 23%! That’s almost 1 in ever 4 people I am linked with on the professional network. Wow!

Do you realize what this means?

You could be one of those 1 in 4 people. You could make that move, to the job of your dreams. You could make that career shift that makes your life make sense. This could be you!

If you watched President Obama’s State of the Union address this month, you heard the statistics. 11 million jobs have been created in the past five years. That’s 11,000,000 jobs. (Count the zeros.) Isn’t it possible that the right one for you is in that pot?

There are any number of reasons why people stay in the job they have. But as 23% of my network has discovered, there may be just as many reasons to move on. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button fifteen times in the morning, snapping at everyone from your spouse to the dog, or discover you are more apt to give the finger than allow the next driver to merge–it may be time to seriously reconsider your approach to life.

In 2003, David Paul published a study entitled “Life and Work” in which he cites

88% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Who told those 88% of people they had to stay in those jobs?

It’s true that the economy has been in the dumps for a few years. That made finding a different job quite difficult and for some nigh impossible. But this isn’t 2008! So stop living in the past.

Let’s look towards the future and learn from the 23% of people who are choosing a different path, choosing to say:

“I’m not satisfied with being dissatisfied!”

Choose to dust off your resumes, prep for the interview and land that better job!

Getting a better job may not mean making more money. It may not mean a promotion. It may not mean working in the field in which you earned your bachelors, masters or doctorate. It may not even mean finding a job in your residential area. But it might mean discovering peace of mind.

I’m not one to preach (I’m much better at writing), but think about this: What will really make you happy?

For a few, the answer may be money or prestige. But for the vast majority of us, that isn’t it! Only you know what it is. And if you haven’t found any bit of that happiness in your current job, search down deep and find that mustard seed of courage to make a change. It just might be easier than you think. Ask the 1 in 4 people I know who’ve done it.

Say hello to happy!

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