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Grooming for the Job

GroomOk, so by now it should be common sense that you should dress for the job you want. But I also know that common sense is anything but common. So here are a few simple tips for the interview that should be apparent, but maybe aren’t.

The Basics

  1. Shower and Brush. Smelling and looking clean is important. No one wants BO in the cubicle next to them. And if you are careless with your own basic personal hygiene, will employers believe you will be careful with your work?
  2. Cut and file. Hands say a lot about a person. They may also give away your second (or third) job, or maybe that you don’t do any job at all. Be careful to present the right hand signals. An overly fancy manicure might convey that you never intend to get your hands dirty. But rough, ignored hands may convey that you are unconcerned with your appearance and your responsibilities.
  3. Iron. So I hate the ironing board, I look at it with loathing every morning. But it’s a deal breaker. Wrinkles are a no no. It’s simple–when you’re clothes are not ironed, they will not hang properly on your body. And it really only takes about five minutes (15 max) out of your day. If you won’t put in the extra minute at home, they know you won’t put in the extra hour at work.
  4. Refresh. Put another way–get some sleep! Droopy eyes and uncontrolled yawns are not attractive to anyone, much less a potential employer. Being well rested is great for your look, adding a natural healthy sheen, but it’s also great for your mental ability. You will answer questions with more viv and verve when your mind is clear and your body is relaxed.

These are the basics. Nothing complicated. Nothing that takes a great amount of effort. And nothing that should give you too much trouble (mental or otherwise).

Starting on the Right Foot

Remember these tips aren’t meant to rub you the wrong way, they’re meant to get you started on the right foot. Everyone has their own personal style, and that’s great–outside of work. When it comes to getting a job, employers want to know that you will work hard to get your job done, and that’s about it. Put the attention where it belongs–your work ethic! These four little actions will make a great deal of difference. Put in a little extra effort to get more bang for your job seeking buck!

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