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Lexiboost: “Efflorescence” The State of Flowering

efflorescence (n.) 1. the state or a period of flowering. example or result of growth and development: These works are the efflorescence of his genius.

The word efflorescence is such an onomatopoetic word, so suggestive of it’s meaning. The feeling of shining, of bursting forth, blooming and blossoming–describing a state in which many of us wish we could live forever. I remember a teacher once implying that high school would be the efflorescence of our collective student lives–the pinnacle moment, the period of our most beautiful flowering. I am gratified to know that the teacher was erroneous in his assumption. But I do wonder about this state or period, this time at which we reach the demonstrated peak of our growth and development. Well, here’s to an extended efflorescence!

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