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Welcome to Lexicon! The Vocabulary of Communication Lexicon is a blog all about communication, featuring insights into new books and old classics, the changing face of professionalism and employment etiquette, and general folly concerning the many mysterious facets of the English language and human communication.

Keep Calm, There's an App For That

Job Hunting? There’s an App for That…

The iPhone campaign started around 2009 and has become a running joke, but the truth is there really is an app for that… whatever “that” is. Recently I’ve been investigating apps for the purpose of job hunting. In thinking about this, I had to think about the most important things […]

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Lexiboost: “Procrastination” Recovering All 24 Hours

Procrastinate (verb) pro·cras·ti·nate \prə-ˈkras-tə-ˌnāt, prō-\ pro·cras·ti·nat·ed  pro·cras·ti·nat·ing transitive verb :  to put off intentionally and habitually intransitive verb :  to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done Rainy days always make me lazy. It’s an odd phenomena, one I know I share with many other people […]

what's your happy, happy, happiness

Thought for the Day: What’s Your Happy?

  Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth… Clap along if you know what happiness is to you… Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do… — “Happy” by Pharrell Williams   Pharrell hit upon something amazing in his “Happy”. It’s a light, bubbly, […]

technology, responsive design

KEMPS Consulting 2.0: Revealing the Redesign!

The world is changing rapidly and we have to change with it. My grandmother once told me you either change or you die. There is no in between. It was harsh for an adolescent to hear, but grandma is never wrong. KEMPS Consulting is evolving to keep up with the […]

beyonce, the taste of fear

Embrace Fear in 2016

It’s almost a month into 2016. Are you on target with your resolutions and dreams? If you are already thinking, NO, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are in the same boat with the majority of people. But is that where you want to be? Do you want to […]

best of thumbtack 2015

Check Us Out!

Awards and Badges KEMPS Consulting is always proud to provide the best service and quality to our clients. 2015 was a huge year for us! We are thankful to our wonderful patrons for voting for us, allowing us to work with you, and for giving us the opportunity to bring […]

Last of the Red Hot Riders by Tina Leonard

Book Club: #NewBookAlert! Hot or Not?

Hump Day just got better! Lexicon is always pleased to announce new books, and we especially love romance with a bit of suspense. We are pleased to be a stop on the Tasty Book Tour for Last of the Red-Hot Riders by Tina Leonard. Though you can’t judge a book […]


Book Club: #NewBookAlert! HOT or NOT?

Afternoon New Book Alert! Hump Day just got better! Lexicon is always pleased to announce new books, and we especially love romance with a bit of suspense. We are pleased to be the last stop on Good Tales Book Tour for Macyn’s Letter, the first in the Macyn McIntyre series […]

Witched Be Burned (thumbnail)

Book Club: New Paranormal Romance from Stacey Kennedy

Witches Be Burned Magic & Mayhem # 2 By Stacey Kennedy Just Released! Follow Tour! | Find Book on Goodreads | Find Series on Goodreads  Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo | Publisher Hello Lovely Bookclubbers! On this beautiful Wednesday, May 20th, I am happy to introduce a new paranormal romance (you know how stoked […]

InHonor Of...Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awarness Month: Book 1 of Alzheimer’s Roadmap Series

Just to recap: May is Mental Health Awareness Month.Lexicon is devoted to exploring the impact that language has on our everyday lives. Words are often more powerful than actions, and have an intense impact on the psyche–for good or ill.  This May, we take an in-depth look at the empowering […]