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Promised to the Highlander (Kate's Book Club)

BookBites: Promised to the Highlander

    When the dark Sutherland clan leader declares open hostility on the MacKays and all of their supporters, Nessia Stephenson finds herself in grave danger. Her father brokers a marriage that will protect her from the marauders with the MacKay himself. But when Nessia comes into his household as …read more →


Can Martin’s Place ‘Keep the Dream Alive’? Article

Can Martin’s Place ‘Keep the Dream Alive’ for NJ Job Seekers? Political heavy hitters flocked to Jersey City for the re-opening of a jobs training program…but is this showboating, or a new day for people in need? After the opening of the new Martin’s Place in Jersey City, this Dirty …read more →

Alzheimer's Crisis - Protect Your Loved Ones and Keep Your Sanity -- Safety Considerations

Book News: Wage War Against Alzheimer’s!

Support New Book Project! Alzheimer’s Stress Relief A practical guide to help caregivers make the best decisions for their loved ones. Get Your Free Copy Tuesday, September 23 If you or anyone you know is suffering with Alzheimer’s, you will want to read this book. Laura Town and Karen Kassel …read more →


BookBites: A Scandal to Remember

J.E. Burke, conchologist with the Royal Philosophical Society, is not what any of the men of the ship Tenacious expected. And Lieutenant Charles Dance is nothing that Burke could have ever imagined. This makes for a hilarious and entertaining read from Elizabeth Essex that is at once feisty, fierce, and …read more →

William Christopher Harris

New Book! A Sports Illustrated Strategy for Success by William Christopher Harris

New Book Release: A Sports Illustrated Strategy for Success by William Christopher Harris POSE Magazine hosts Galaxy Tablet Sweepstakes Giveaway! Saturday, November 16, 2013 Pick up your copy of POSE to see details on how to win a brand new Galaxy Tablet just by checking out this new book. A …read more →

Breaking In by Wayne Casey

New Book! Breaking In by Wayne Casey

“Do you know what it’s like not to exist?” Breaking In: The Author of a New Era By Wayne D. Casey Foreword by Bernie Casey, Afterword by Doug Tench Paperback: $14.95, ISBN 13: 9781492767664, 198 Pages Order online at or on In this powerful coming of age story, …read more →


Lexiboost: “Cupidity” Desperation is not sexy

Cupidity (n.): eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something; greed; avarice. While the word may manifest images of a cherubic angel with a heart-shaped bow, cupidity is seriously not cute. There is a fine line between ambition and cupidity. Ambition can be admirable whereas cupidity is just ugly. When …read more →

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Lexiboost: “Unbidden” Where did you come from?

Unbidden (adj.): not ordered or commanded; spontaneous. Not asked or summoned; uninvited. You’re in an interview with a prospective employer and things are going well. Your attire is neat and professional. Your body language is open and energetic. You have a great rapport going on with your interviewer. But suddenly, …read more →

Doors Will Open

Thought for Today: Doors will open

Doors Will Open When you wonder if it’s a waste of time to knock on the door, think of the alternative if you don’t. The worst thing anyone can tell you is “No”. But there’s a 50/50 chance that the answer will be yes. You don’t know until you lift …read more →

Banana Peel

Lexiboost: “Schadenfreude” Sidestep the proverbial banana peel

Schadenfreude (n.): satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. We all have our moments of schadenfreude. Witnessing others misfortune often gives us a chuckle. The man who falls while running to the train. A boy slips off his skateboard. Your friend hits his funnybone. But I wonder sometimes, why …read more →