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When you’ve been staring at your manuscript for days, weeks, months and years, sometimes you can’t even see the words anymore. It has become a swirl of ideas in your head that you aren’t even sure any more if you’ve clearly gotten down on paper (or screen). First time authors may question if this is normal; veteran writers may wonder if they’ve been in the monkey house too long. Alternately intense doubts and outsized confidence plague the dedicated author penning one page at a time. It can all become rather overwhelming–especially considering that most writers have other day jobs that occupy huge parts of their brains.

Writing is a difficult labor of love. Sportswriter “Red” Smith once put it this way, “There’s nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.”

Whether a first time author or a veteran novelist, we all get off track (or simply can’t find the track). Sometimes we all need someone to help us stay focused, be our cheerleader, and root for our success.

Custom Author Solutions

KEMPS Consulting can help you find your focus and maintain it through the labor of writing and the daunting process of publishing.

We offer comprehensive Author Solutions. Able to help you see the forest and the trees, KEMPS Consulting can help you develop your manuscript on both a micro and macro level, ensuring you paint the big picture without losing any important details. And when your manuscript is complete, we can assist you in finding the right publishing path for you, exploring the options of traditional, self and hybrid publishing for the ultimate purpose–putting your book in readers’ hands.

Personalized Publication Schedules

Cooperatively we can develop a schedule for your book to ensure you publish and help you stick to that schedule, so that your writing project doesn’t become a never-ending effort.

One-on-One Writing Workshops

Even natural talent must be honed and polished. In-depth, one-on-one workshops can assist you in your journey to authorship, whatever your publishing goals. Providing guidance and instruction on a wide array of topics covering everything from writing basics to self-editing tricks and tips, KEMPS can help you get to the next level in your writing.

Publishing Consultations

Understanding your publishing options can prove tricky. There are so many possibilities for every budget and writer. We can work together to understand your genre, audience, and author personality to determine the best path to published.

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