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Lexiboost: “Attrition” 1: The Act of Desertion

MP900387805Attrition (n.)
1. a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength: Our club has had a high rate of attrition because so many members have moved away.
3. a gradual reduction in work force without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced.

Thought for today:

A number of fields are experiencing high rates of attrition because of persistently difficult working conditions and non-competitive pay scale. In considering your next job, do a little research into the field and the company before putting your resume out there. Yes, you may get the job, but if you are seeking long term security and personal satisfaction you may find yourself holding the short end of the stick. It’s not all about the hire. Unhappiness costs too much and no amount of $$ can compensate.

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