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Book News: Wage War Against Alzheimer’s!

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  Alzheimer's Crisis: Protect Your Loved Ones and Keep Your Sanity -- Safety Considerations

Alzheimer’s Stress Relief

A practical guide to help caregivers make the best decisions for their loved ones.

Get Your Free Copy Tuesday, September 23

If you or anyone you know is suffering with Alzheimer’s, you will want to read this book. Laura Town and Karen Kassel have started a series of books to help caregivers battling this devastating disease–Alzheimer’s Crisis: Protect Your Loved Ones and Keep Your Sanity.

When Laura’s dad started showing advanced signs of Alzheimer’s at age 62, she was shocked and overwhelmed.It quickly became apparent he couldn’t handle his own finances or even the basics of daily life. Other family members didn’t step up to help. Laura was drafted to wage this confusing and complicated medical war with her father. And within this war were many battles–some she had never considered possible earlier in life.

If you have ever had a family member with Alzheimer’s you know how devastating it can be when your loved one no longer remembers your name or that you exist. Worse than the emotional toll of those small hurts is the uncertainty and feeling of failure when you can’t find the right resources to help your loved one, or the right resources to help you as the caregiver provide the best care possible. These are major battles, and difficult to win if you don’t have help.

Laura Town has gone through all of these battles and has come out the other side of the war, and has written her new book to help others do the same. They say there is no manual for life, but there could be. Laura is writing the first installment on how to deal with the stress of Alzheimer’s and help your loved one and yourself live the best life possible while facing this disease.

Many of us believe that illness will never touch us, but the statistics prove that just isn’t true.  5 million Americans are suffering with Alzheimer’s today. There are only 220 million adult Americans in the population. 1 in 3 seniors are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. And Alzheimer’s  is a growing threat in middle age. It simply isn’t realistic to say this will never touch me, because it is more likely that someone in your family already has Alzheimer’s.

Support Laura in her efforts to bring forth a book that will help change your life. There is no price you can put on peace of mind. Find the help you didn’t even know you need in this Alzheimer’s Crisis: Protect Your Loved Ones and Keep Your Sanity right now!

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